‘M.S. Dhoni – An Untold Story’ has hit the theaters this Friday and is spreading magic!
There definitely goes something behind this magical captain; India has ever got in the history of Indian cricket.
Just like his helicopter shot, his captaincy is embarked upon different principles and the style with which he carries it out keeps us in awe.
He is just wonderful on the pitch and knows the right nerve of each player, be it from his team or the opponent. And what holds importance is the way he communicates his messages to the players. His ways are absolutely subtle.

Take a look at his remarkable remarks made on the pitch! They will definitely make you fall for him even more!
Without a doubt, our Smashing Captain as he is – Mahendra Singh Dhoni!

    • Robin Uthappa misfielded at third man. Dhoni said, “Udhar ladkiyaan mat taad, abhi fielding kar lo”.

    • “Sahi jaa raha hai, Kauwa Uda!” -Dhoni to Ashwin, asking him to give flight delivery.

  • Dhoni tried to imitate a commentator’s description of Jadeja’s bowling, quipping,“Bharpoor bowling ka pradarshan karte hue Ravindra Jadeja!”

    • Once, when Ravindra Jadeja was erring in his length on the off-stump against New Zealand in a Test match, Dhoni reminded him why he had kept Pujara in the slips.“Ye ghoomega toh Pujara ko isiliye idhar rakha hai, woh udhar taali bajane ke liye nahi hai”

    • In a match, Sreesanth was slacking off in the field, constantly moving away from his original position. Dhoni promptly said, “Oye Sree udhar girlfriend nahi hai, idhar aa ja thoda”.

    • After a big partnership between the openers in the third Australia-India Test in Mohali in 2013, Michael Clarke came to the crease in his bid to build on the openers’ work. Dhoni told Jadeja, “Pehli ball thoda tez daalna, ye pehli hi ball aage badhega”.
      Jadeja followed Dhoni’s instructions and on cue, Clarke charged down the wicket, only to miss the ball and allow Dhoni to effect a quick stumping!

  • Dhoni saying to Ravindra Jadeja while bowling to Chris Gayle- “Ek baar bola hai baar baar nahi boluga, pair pe khilana hai to pair pe hi khilana hai”.

    • It was in a match against Australia when players were showing laziness.
      He said,“Sone ka time milega”.

    • During the second Test against New Zealand in Hyderabad in 2012, the visitors were five wickets down in the second innings, with a lead of almost 200 runs. Kruger van Wyk and James Franklin were in the middle, at which point Dhoni told Umesh Yadav,“Umi, agar chota striker pe hai toh ek over, nahi toh bas”.
      He was referring to van Wyk.

  • In his first over Kohli bowled 2 consecutive Yorkers and got Kevin Pietersen out. Naturally, he got excited and started trying different variations and bowled a wide ball that went for byes at which moment Dhoni said: “Jitna bola hai utna kar, bowler mat bann”.

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Source Writer : Tarun Kumar