Joey is one of our favorite persons from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. He is caring, funny, innocent and values friendship over everything else.

He hogs food as if he were hungry for ages. He flirts with girls with his all time favorite “How you doin?” catch phrase. He is a sweetheart <3

But wait, have you ever wondered what would happen if  Joey becomes a President ? It would definitely be fun.

Although my imagination skills are poor, Ishan Jajoo a quora user is blessed with vivid imagination.

Here is how aptly he describes living in a country under “Joey’s Presidency” and trust me.. It is on point.

First of all export of any kind of Food items will be banned. (Joey doesn’t share food.)

All porn sites will be free.

He will start his speech with ,”How you doin?”

He will not build wall on borders or ban any countries. 😛

Oscar will be forced to be given to Joey Tribbiani.

Hugsy will be the national animal.

Pizza and Sandwiches will be tax free.

If I had to lie to public, sentence will start with, “A raccoon came in and…”

He will support LGBT rights and will try to make some good laws.

He will be really motivating and friendly. People will love him.

Chef of white house will go in depression.

It will be a heaven for art industry. All policies will be in favor of art.

Joey won’t bomb other countries. Never ever.

I guess Tinder will get special grant from government.

All pregnant women will get free medial support from government.

He won’t care about stupid things and wont bother to interfere in other countries business.

At the end of the day, Joey is innocent. He will apologize whenever he would make a mistake. And with the support of his cabinet, I guess he will be one of the best president.

So we can definitely conclude, if Joey Tribbiani would have been a President, we would have had a gala time in his Kingdom!

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Source Writer : Ishan Jajoo