The small town where people have big hearts! A place which is not expanded like the metro cities and has retained it’s charm for all the years. Every road, every nook, every corner is well known to anyone who has lived in Nashik. It is a dwelling of the peaceful inhabitants.hen you are the R.
Where ever in the world a Nashikkar may be, he will carry Nashik along with him in his till eternity. Here is what every Nashikkar can relate to and if you are living away from home, it will for sure make you nostalgic.
An urge to run back to your hometown!

1. Viju’s Dabeli

When we feel the urge to eat Dabeli, Viju’s is our destination.

Viju's Dabeli

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2. Salim ki chai
No one can get away without drinking “Salim ki chai” at college.. ‘Woh sardiyo mein chai ki garam chuskiya’


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3. Brother’s roll

How delicious are his roll’s… Mouth watering!!

Brothers roll nashik

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4. Nashik floods

Coming to watch the floods is a Nashik religion!


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5. Anjaneri

If you haven’t gone to Anjaneri for trekking, dude you are not a hardcore Nashikkar!


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6. Shaukin ki bhel 

Eating “zatka bhel” at Shaukin is a real challenge. But the taste buds are in no mood to listen when you are at the famous Shaukin’s thela!


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7. Nandan ki pani puri

When you are at college road, eating Nandan ki pani piri is a must!


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8. Bapu bridge

The serenity at the bridge is something to die for… Just that you get to see a lot of “couples” sharing some “private moments” 😛

bapu bridge

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9. Mama’s pav bhaji

The mouth watering pav-bhaji at mama’s has retained it’s tastes over all these years. It is a treasured delicacy at college road.

mamas pav bhaji

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10. Akbar ka soda

Have you had too much of food? Let’s grab a soda… Oh c’mon you can have a soda even otherwise!

Akbar soda 2

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11. College road ke momo

You are so addicted to these momo’s!


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12. Sula

The Heart Throb of Nashik… Sula is our Pride!


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13. Misal

And here, no misal has any comparison with us… Let the Punekar’s say crap! Nashik’s Misal is a brand in itself!


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14. PNR

Puffs and Rolls has always been our saviour… Their luscious cakes we still miss!

PNR Nashik

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15. Krushnai ka vada pav

You were at Ashok Stamb and didn’t have Krushnai’s vada-pav??? :O

krushnai vada pav nashik

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16. Thunder point

When it’s Summers, Thunder Point is the Gangapur Road destination to quench your thirst!

Thunder Point Nashik

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17. Budha ki jalebi

You have a sweet tooth or not, Budha’s jalebi is everyone’s favourite!

budha halwai nashik jalebis5

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18. Kondaji Chiwada

Nashik’s Best – Kodaji ka Chivda, no caption required!


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19. Backwaters

When the peaceful hours are calling, Backwaters is our destination.


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20. Sayantara

Fast or no Fast, Sayantara is a forever love <3


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21. Raju Gola

Raju’s Gola is a college road sensation!

raju gola

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22. Campus Choice (CC)

Hungry? Let’s grab a bite at CC.

campus choice cc nashik

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23. KD (Kokni Darbar)

How can we ever miss the finger licking food at KD? It serves the best food in the world during Eid!

Kokni darbar

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24. 12 TO 12

Need some silence? Hang out with your gang at 12 To 12

12 To 12

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25. Dairy Don

The name is enough… Nashik’s in-house product is spreading rapidly at different places too…

Dairy Don

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26. Samartha Juice Centre

You cannot miss out on the juice, when you are at R.K.

Samartha Juice

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27. College Road

The most beloved road in Nashik, where you find almost everything you need. The College Road ka patta is something that no Nashikkar misses out on!

nashik road

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Although Nashik is a small place and has not expanded like a wildfire, it still has a lot of places which every Nashikkar can relate to. And the best part is, from the high-class society to the middle-class people, everyone loves them equally.

Nashik for every Nashikkar will be the best city they have ever lived in! 🙂

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