… And here we are at one of the world’s most significant vintage monument! A beauty which will keep you in awe for eternities – “The Eiffel Tower” in Paris. It has created stories for people worth remembering, it has witnessed love, it has seen romances for ages. It is considered to retain the spark in people. A tower high above which makes your head rise in pride.

Come witness a 360-degree panorama view of an amazingly astonishing building!

Courtesy of www.AirPano.com


1. The bewildering black and white Eiffel

Image Source : www.flickr.com/photos/pitopuccho

2. And it goes high above to kiss the sky

Image Source : SquareSpace

3. The glittering golden as darkness takes over

Image Source : Whentogo

4. Featured in the colour of Love

Image Source : Worldfortravel

5. The metal structure evident. Breath gasping!

Image Source : hbu

6. Eiffel Tower – You are a Beauty with an extraordinary Class!