Nothing stands in the competition when a volcano erupts! The lava as it comes out and the fire as the earth throws into the air looks as if it is extremely angry. Your eyes will remain wide open as you see the panoramas of these 12 volcanic eruptions because nature has its own ways, and you cannot dare to control it in any way.

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1.Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Image Source : Photovolcanica

2.Vilyuchinsk stratovolcano

Image Source : Photovolcanica

3.Plosky Tolbachik

Image Source : ytimg

4. Bromo Tengger Semeru

Image Source : agentwisatabromo

5.Karymsky Volcano

Image Source : Agentwisatabromo

6.Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Image Source : Thingpic

7.Erta Ale Volcano Ethiopia

Image Source : Thingpic

8. Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Image Source : Thingpic

9. Mutnovsky Volcano

Image Source : flatrock

10 Kilauea Volcano

Image Source : Wetsand

11 Dallol Volcano Ethiopia

Image Source : Redbull

12 Grímsvötn Volcano

Image Source : Twimg

13 Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone

Image Source : Photoburst

14 Stratovolcano Elbrus

Image Source : wikimedia