We have all gone GaGa over friends; watching all the episodes from all the Seasons time and again. And trust me, we cannot have enough of them ever. We have been drolling over their witticism all the time. That is their strength. I mean who can possibly crack you up that many times on the same joke? Oh! FRIENDS certainly can. 🙂

When F.R.I.E.N.D.S was being aired there used to be excitement in the crowd as to what the next episode would treat them with. That being said, have you ever wondered how the advertisements for the consequent episodes might be??

No!? Then here, take a look 😀

1. The one when Rachel was expecting a baby!


2. The one when Ross and Rachel were going to have a baby shower for little Emma!


3. One of Ross’s wedding!


4. The one where the guys are gifted with a stripper!


5. The one with the Halloween Bash!


6. The one with the twin sisters and one love!


7. The one when Chandler and Monica’s secret is no more a secret.


8. The one with the Baby’s arrival delayed!


9. The one with the confusions and confessions!



Hope you had a nice time watching these 🙂