Airtel Open Network seems to gain a lot of attention nowadays. Does it really improve the network coverage of Airtel or it is just an advertisement hype?We leave that to you to decide with this true incident :

                                              Airtel Open Network

My office is less than a kilometer from Airtel’s HQ in Gurgaon. The mobile coverage inside my office building is very poor. There is a tree right outside the building, where you get Airtel network signals. No wonder, it is called by many as ‘signal wala tree’.

One fine morning, I saw huge front page advertisement for Open Network. Though of registering the complaint. I was pretty sure that since my office is very close to their HQ, they will respond quickly.

So, after a couple of days, I received a call on my office landline from Airtel customer care rep. And the conversation was like this:

CC Rep: (excitedly) Sir, your complaint has been resolved and you are getting complete coverage now.

Me: (bemused) Why are you calling on my office landline?

CC Rep: Sir, your mobile was not reachable.

Me: Why do you think my mobile was un-reachable?

CC Rep: Sir, you must not be getting proper signals.

Me: Then, how can you say that my complaint has been resolved when I am sitting at my office desk and answering your dumb call on a f***ing landline instead of my mobile?

CC Rep: ummm, ummmmm, I will register complaint again on your behalf. Sorry Sir.

And it has been more than a month, nothing has happened and nothing will happen.


Source Writer: Tushar Chugh

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