We love taking a vacation to the beaches and playing water sports and scuba diving enjoying every bit of it in the water. We indeed have a gala time.

But come and tell us to stay in the water for a lifetime? Build your home on the water bodies and carry out all the household work only by staying in the water? You will definitely go nuts. But that said and done, this is the lifestyle of the Bajau people who hail from Malasia.

Bajau people of Malaysia are refugees banned from living on land

  • Canadian photographer Mark Lehn captured these striking images of the Bajau Laut off the coast of Sabah, Borneo
  • Originally from the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines, the nomadic tribe are stateless and depend on the water
  • Dwindling trade and food sources means an increasing number of them are moving to the mainland for work

Despite their tough lives, the Bajau children of Malaysia still find time to play.

For some of us, owning a home by the sea is something of a dream. But for the Bajau Laut, stateless sea gypsies who live off the coast of Borneo, life on the water is just a part of who they are.

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