F.R.I.E.N.D.S aired their last episode on May 6, 2004. It’s been more than a decade but they are glued to our hearts like F.O.R.E.V.E.R

They have managed to make us smile even in our gloomy days.. If only they were in our present era where WhatsApp is booming, here is how their conversation would be… This will definitely make you smile as well. 🙂

Fast forward 5 years into the future after the series finale.

[Monica created the group.]

Chandler: Hey! Mon, nice job creating the group.

Monica: I know!

Chandler: Really out of a job, are you?

Monica: -_- Fine! I’m unemployed; make fun of it all you want.

Ross: Hi! 🙁

Chandler: Oh man! Now, what?

Ross: Rachel and I had a big fight.

Chandler: Oh boy! You, people, are not going to start the break thing again, are you?

Rachel: Ross, please don’t whine about your problems on the group.

Ross: Hey! Do you want to fight again? This time, I should warn you. I’ve done a lot of karateee.

Monica: At least don’t spell it the same annoying way you pronounce it.

Rachel: Hahaha! Once you said you had Unagi; we all saw how that turned out to be.

Phoebe: Oh! Hahahahahaha, ya I remember that one. Hahahahahah, omg I can’t stop laughing.

Joey: How you doin’? 😉

Phoebe: Oh! Joey! Stop. I’m married now. ^_^

Joey: Sorry! Wrong chat!

Phoebe: …

(Silence for some time)

Ross: I’m fine by the way!

Rachel: Ross, please stop!

Monica: Aaargh! What are you guys fighting about anyway?

Rachel: It was Ross’s turn to bring Emma home from school and guess what? He forgot. What if something terrible would have happened to Emma?

Ross: No, it wasn’t my turn. It was yours. I even showed you the time table I made.

Phoebe: Of course, the time table!

Rachel: Yes, it was! I accept that. But I had told you yesterday that I had an extremely tiring week at work and I really wanted a break, so I asked you to pick up Emma as a favour.

Ross: See, every time you wanted a break, our relationship got screwed up. It’s all your fault.

Joey: Oh boy! Here we go again..

Chandler: Rachel you should probably cancel the break dance classes you had registered for, eh? 😀

Rachel: :/

Monica: -_-

Phoebe: -_-

Chandler: Okay, I’ll be leaving the group now.

Phoebe: Okay! You guys, you have a 2nd child on the way, a boy probably. So, can you please just stop fighting. If not for yourselves, at least stop for Phoebe!

Rachel: Yeah! I guess you’re right.

Ross: Okay Pheebs! And btw, we are not going to name our son Phoebe. I thought we went over this.

Phoebe: Yeah! We’ll see about that.

Chandler: Okay! So now that your fight is over, we can finally focus on the smaller issues like poverty and unemployment.

(Silence for 10 minutes)

Chandler: Seriously?! Come on you people!

Joey: Know when to shut up man!

Chandler: Okay! Now I am actually leaving the group.

(Chandler left the conversation)

Joey: He’ll be back!

Rachel: And btw, Ross, the break thing that you mentioned earlier, it was entirely your fault the 1st time.

Ross: It was not.

Rachel: Yes, it was!

Ross: No, it wasn’t. WE WERE ON A BREAK!

(Monica left the conversation)

(Phoebe left the conversation)

(Joey left the conversation)

(Rachel left the conversation)

Ross: Guys? Guys?

(Ross added Chandler)

Chandler: Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m back.

Ross: Hi! 🙁

Chandler: Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m gone.

(Chandler left the conversation)

Ross: I am fine btw!

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Source Author: Akshay Ginodia