Over a course of time, we tend to forget things. But we never usually forget the lessons we learnt in our childhood. The memories don’t seem to just wipe out that easily. The best learning in life is achieved in the early ages which leave a strong imprint on you.

Here is how one such thing done by the parents of the author has helped him in the long run!

childhood lessons

When my brother and I were kids we shared a small room in our Thane apartment. The space crunch forced our father to get us bunk beds for which we never complained, cause it was so talked about among our friends.

My father has been pretty good with geography and knows so much about cities, rivers, countries etc. I think I was in the 6th grade when he decided to put a huge Hybrid(Political and Physical) World Map on the wall just beside our bed. At first, I was really furious with this decision of his. This map had taken the place of all my superhero cutouts that I’d stuck on the wall.

(Image used is solely for illustration purpose)

Every day I used to curse my father and ask him “Who puts a map and that too this big in their room?” He’d just tell me that you’ll learn new things about the world.

So I didn’t understand his way then, but then gradually I did. Every night before I fell asleep, I used to gaze at the map for no reason and would try to locate the position of countries on the map.

One day out of curiosity, I counted how many countries there were.

Next, I did Capitals of countries, I had memorised all of them! Rivers, Sea, Lakes everything!

My younger brother, like all siblings, used to follow me into whatever I did and he was doing the same with the map.

Next thing I know, we were quizzing each other about anything on the map and learnt so much in the process. Our (Me and my brother both)passion for Countries and places had become so much that we used to go to the library to read books and encyclopedias(No internet back then) about a new country or a new Capital city we had just learnt about. Not to mention the other important cities, it’s culture, wildlife, climate, economy everything!

So while all my friends issued Enid Blyton, Goosebumps, Sidney Sheldon books from the school library, I got books like these(see Below) about places/wildlife etc. to home.

My brother and I became the favourite students of our Geography teacher(we had the same one) at school and she was the only teacher who had all praises for us in the Parents meeting at school. We were spot on with Maps in our Geography tests every single time!

My brother also won a National Competition organised by TTK related to geography.

So this was at school times, but this didn’t end there. It also helped (still does) me a lot to strike a conversation with absolute strangers (even Women! :P) I meet on the train, (plane and anywhere I went), and would always have something to talk about their local culture, place, climate even food habits. Impressive huh?

At times, I felt I should have pursued a career in Cartography, but then not too many people I knew were in it and so like most I ended up doing Engineering (Computer Science). I am a happy Digital Marketer now!

I’ve lost touch now with the subject, but I am still better at it than most of the people.

A part of me now that loves travelling in many ways is because of the love for the subject.

I thank my father for this, who knew such a small thing that he did would be so much useful for both of us!

I think I am going to do something like this for my kids too.

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Content Writer: Navodit Ravi

Image Source: http://thespoke.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au