Always in a group, there is a prankster, a womanizer, a nerd, a weirdo, a girl everyone has the hots for and the one who is the spine of ’em all.
It is that person without whom you wouldn’t sustain.. Without whom you wouldn’t be together. Just like the spinal cord in your body.. If taken off, you would collapse..
Walking on the similar lines, Monica was the spinal cord of the gang.. She was the one who held them together and didn’t let anyone fall apart.

Two ends of a paper cannot be stuck together until they are glued. That is Monica for all the rest of them. She is the glue that binds them all together..

And that’s how Vivek Mehta a quora user aptly describe her. Let me tell you Vivek, I totally empathize with you.
This is a very very good read.. And trust me on that.


Monica was the glue that held the group together, not because people used her apartment as a hangout place. No. When people say she was the glue, they mean that Monica, as a person, was the one who tied all of them in a group.
Have you ever been in a group, where, if one member goes away, the entire group breaks down? That one person is said to be the glue of the group. Imagine the group of 6 in Friends. Imagine if Monica had gone away from the group. Do you think the group would still have sustained as a whole without her? That is the reason that Friends ended when Monica and Chandler moved out.

Monica was connected to everyone in the group. In some way or the other, the group formed because of Monica. Ross is her brother, Phoebe was her roommate, Chandler was Ross’s best friend and he and Monica had a bit of storyline before the actual group formed (remember high school episodes?), Rachel was Monica’s college friend and Joey was Chandler’s roommate, who actually got naked in front of Monica when they first met. Monica had a good relationship with everyone in the group because she knew each of them on her own, not by proxy. Not like how Phoebe knew Ross. Not like how Chandler knew Phoebe. Or how Rachel knew Chandler. Monica was close to each one of these people, and not by virtue of other people in the group.

She knew so many of the secrets about everyone. Think why. It’s because she was close to everyone. Think about the times she fed Joey. She specially made jam for him, she made an entire turkey for him for Thanksgiving, and she kept food for him (and everyone else) in her refrigerator.

She helped Rachel when she had no clue about what to do with her life. She took her in as her roommate, even though she was not invited to Rachel’s wedding. She basically helped make Rachel strong and independent throughout the series.

Read this from Season 10, Episode 5:

Rachel: No, it’s just… look, you know, when I first moved to the city I was a lot like her (Amy)! I was spoiled, self-centered and you guys really took care of me.
Joey: Yeah, Monica made us!

Same goes for Phoebe. She was Monica’s roommate, and that’s how they became friends. Monica was the reason she and Mike got back together, remember? Phoebe was the one who tried to ‘cut her out’ from her life at some point. Monica never even let that incident come up again, ever, in her future interactions with Phoebe.

She loved everyone in the group. From loving Joey as her little brother to taking care of Phoebe, the ‘outsider’ in the group, she loved them all not because she had to, but because of her nature. Phoebe and Ross talked only occasionally. They were friends but they didn’t love each other that much. Monica, on the other hand did. Think about the special moments of each of the 5 friends with Monica. You would definitely be able to come up with more than one heart-warming incident involving Monica and each of the other friends in the group.

She was the hostess in the group. She always took care of everyone in the group. She cooked good food for them, she listened to them and offered good advice; she basically was the mother of the group –  a member the group couldn’t do without. And that’s why she was the glue that held the group together.

Content Source:Quora

Source Writer:Vivek Mehta