Marriage is one fat word that has continued being dreadful to many. Some fall in love and get marriage, some marriages are arranged, some marry due to pressures, while some are because there is nothing to do in life. Let’s get married!!
Big deal… But then I did not find all of this any strange until I stumbled upon this story. This was a marriage because she wanted to beat him in QuizUp! Like really?
Strange things do happen… And this is one of the sort… Read on to know one such weird reason to get married 😉

I had just agreed to get married, My parents started to find a prospective groom for me. I was into the notion, It would take them at least 6 months to find me groom of my choice.
Those were the same days, I was too much into “QuiZUp”. QuizUp is a mobile application where you can play real-time quiz with your friends on diverse topics.
I was not only into playing that game but was addicted to it. I used to spend 2-3 hrs daily playing that game.
One day got a friend request from the stranger, his profile labeled with IIT  did not seem to belong to a stalker.
So I pinged him, he said he got my interest from a matrimonial site. It was a brief conversation he asked my date of birth and that`s it.
I was continuing that conversation to make ground so that I can send him a QuizUp invite. And thinking it would be too much accomplishing to beat an IITian.
Next day, I sent him invite. Obviously, he won every time on every topic except politics. We were chatting while playing, discussing topics, making fun of each other.
Duration of quizzes getting decreased with each day quite opposite to duration of our chatting and topics we were chatting about.
Quiz up sessions went for around 10-15 days and finally only chatting remained.
Both parents his and mine were bringing other marriage proposals.
We informed our parents  after our conversation for around 15 days 2-3 hrs daily that we had BRIEF conversation.
We met with parents. We met without parents in the knowledge of our parents.
We started meeting without informing our parents.
We started bunking our offices to meet.
Without extending further explaining our dating history, we got married finally.
Yes, We got married because I wanted to beat him in a quiz. I am sure I will one day 🙂

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Content Writer: Monika Arora