We all have our shares of the rough, tragic, heartbreaking phases in life. They make us frail, weak, unwanting and sometimes provoking us to take hasty decisions. But that is not what counts. What is valued is the come back you make in life because “Life is not about giving up” in spite of all the failures.

This girl is an example and an inspiration to many out there who have lost hope in life. Read her story which will help you bounce back like a spring! Here is what she says:

“I was in love with a guy. Yes in love.”

There is nothing unnatural about being in love is there?

Like any other couple (yes , most couples do ‘it’) we wanted a bit of adventure too. We called it ‘saturday night’. We were both studying in Bhubaneswar , fairly conservative place. Little to my knowledge he had filmed the whole thing.

A few weeks later , as I would pass through the corridors of our college , senior boys would pass filthy comments at me.Girls wouldn’t allow me in their rooms. Even the food caterer would look down upon me. I had no idea what the hell was wrong with them.

Some days passed and the dean called both of us to his office. I had no idea regarding what it was. He told about it and I fainted right there. We were both thrown out of the hostel. His parents came and blamed it on me , that I must have taught him the filth.

My parents thrashed me. My relatives abused me. I tried to drink expired medicines (I couldn’t even afford rat poison at that point). I tried to kill myself.

5 years later.

I am a successful investment banker. A motivational speaker. A writer. I am happy.

My parents have begun to feel proud of me.

I take care of my health.

I live and enjoy. I believe in colors,rainbows,poetries.

I am more than ‘that girl in that MMS’ as they used to call me in college.

And I am still working hard so that one day I will publicly come out with my story .

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