You somehow doubt your partner’s loyalty, but you are not sure enough to bet on it, here is one hack which can help you in a way!

Forewarning: This is not a guaranteed trick, try it at your own risk! It can backfire on you 😛

This is a WhatsApp Tip.

If you have a doubt on spouse/parent/Bf/Gf/child that something fishy is going on, then this hack will help you out.

We have different sections in smileys on WhatsApp among which the first section is last used smileys. See the image below. I have encircled it in black.

Have a look on those smileys, you will get a pretty good idea. These smileys stay even though a person has deleted the complete conversation.

Look smileys carefully In above pic. It indicates that the user is in the relationship.

Note: Don’t come to any conclusion by seeing just one smiley, See at least 3 to 4 times over a period of one week.

Note: Use only when needed.

Note: Not applicable for few girls who send kisses, hearts to their friends  😛

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Source Writer : Krishna Suryakanth