Oh you cannot always get mad at people when they speak nonsense. You gotta be witty sometimes and put them down avoiding all the drama. You feel so much at peace when you throw a smart reply at their face and just sit back, relax and all you can do is feel proud of yourself!

Here we take you through some amazing replies to the Tinder Conversations. Enjoy with a bit of laughter 😉

#1 – the pancake arrangement

Him, literally the first thing he sent me: how would you like rough sex and pancakes?

Me: that sounds great! Do I get to choose whom the sex is with? Because I just watched Friends With Benefits, and I’d love to give Mila Kunis a go.

Him: hmm, I don’t think I can get Mila Kunis, so it’ll just have to be with me

Me: then I think I’ll just have the pancakes. Do you deliver?

Him: it’s sort of a package deal

Me: in that case, I think I’ll pass

#2 – they call me salty

Him, again first message: I’d be more turned on if you smiled more

Me: that’s too bad, I guess you’ll just have to fuck someone in the service industry instead

Him: damn!!! Are you the one they call salty?

(I was impressed with his bounce back)

#3 – don’t say shit about my makeup

Me: are you wearing makeup in your first picture?

Him: I am

Me: do you do that on a regular basis or..?

Him: no no, it was for Halloween :’) I’ve done it a few times for parties and other social events, but not on a daily basis

Me: alright, I was just gonna suggest that I could help you, it looks a little smudged

Him: hey, don’t come here just to say shit about my makeup

Me: at least I didn’t say anything about your eyebrows

#4 – the slow play

Him: I Hope to get lucky with you [hence my name]

me: we matched over a month ago. If it’s taken you this long to come up with that line, then I fear that just looking in your general direction would lower my IQ fatally.

#5 – the NSFW (this is a fair warning for you guys. Don’t read further if you’re not interested in NSFW content)

Him: hey

Him: do you want me to taste your baking [it says on my profile that I like to bake]

him, a few weeks after: do you want me to taste your c*nt?

Him: I hope [again, hence my name]

me: I’m sure you’re a c*nt connoisseur, but I think I’m gonna pass anyway. Perhaps you can taste yourself tonight.

Me: by the way, it doesn’t make sense to say ‘I hope’ without anything following it. Instead, try ‘I hope so’ or ‘I should hope so’, or just put ‘I hope’ in front of what you hope will happen. Good luck with learning English.


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Source Writer : Hope Laust

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