When you sit back sometimes, reminiscing your childhood, the memories of the smallest of things engulf your mind.
The carefree life you had back then, the joys in the smallest of things you searched for, the times were all gleeful.

You still preserve the child within you, even though you boast about becoming a grown up, having a full grown mustache and carrying out all the responsibilities bestowed upon you.

And still, if you do not trust that, take a look at these childhood memories you have which lay hidden somewhere in your heart. Thank Rajdeep Sharma a Quora user  later for putting up that smile on your face 🙂

  • When tapping this button was much more fun than a fan switch during summers.
  • When a small candy inspires us to study hard.The left one suits best for me.
  • Earning few glass balls make us richest in the world.

The fun part was using them in a catapult.

  • Riding a single tyre make us feel merrier than a sedan nowadays.
  • Name plate is the thing behind purchasing a new geometry box! 😛
  • What should I do-play or eat it first? Addled us everytime!
  • Crackling these was a lot of fun.Have you tried crackling them by burning these?


Go ahead try that too this time. (Be sure not to light many crackers for a safer environment)

  • Big Babol! (Let’s see who make the chewing gum expand most)
  • This device is the most loved gaming device!

Remember the first game?

I won’t be telling this time.

All of you have a sharp memory.

Rolling scale:- Cool, we people used that like a bracelet too.

  • Mario stage completion- really makes us a king.We always waited for the sweet sound in the end.
  • All of us most have tried this.(Making your fingers larger than your elders and showing it to them :P)
  • Yeah! I can handle all of them at a time.That means I have great power in hands.
  • Oops she cleared this time. God!

I have to wait for once more.

  • Let’s check our balancing on a single leg.
  • I am a king and today it will be proved. Disagree?

Okay let’s play this.(And this is how every new game starts).

  • Coolest soft drink for such a price!

Remember it’s price? Just Re1.

  • Collecting all this was a great fun.Few of us are still collecting them.

Reminded you of sweet Childhood time and various memories associated with it!

Isn’t it?

A lot of good things about the 1990s are also there.Like- honest people of that time.

The altruistic approach followed by the people.

Being happy after observing someone’s happiness.

Source Content : http://qr.ae/TYv98J

Source Writer : Rajdeep Sharma

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