The past is a place not worth visiting for many. Everyone is fighting their own battle and each battle is a struggle for the one’s fighting it. Judging a person without knowing what he has gone through, what lays hidden and suppressed in his heart is the biggest injustice you can do to him. Respect people and their acts because you might not know what has caused them.


I am a girl studying at an IIT(can not mention which one). The first memories of my childhood are my father beating my mother with an iron rod and then went on to hit her with a toaster in her head. I remember seeing blood flowing from her head all over on her black sweater and then, she fell on the ground. I was crying , begging my father to take her to a hospital but he went out of the house without giving a shit about my mother who was lying unconscious on the ground. After he went away, I came running to my neighbour’s house and begged them to help my mother. They came to my house and took my mother to the Air Force Hospital. She gained consciousness at the evening.

This was just a small account of what I have seen as a child. There were numerous events after that. My father slapped my mother so hard he tore her eardrum. He went out frequently on TD’s and sent us Rs. 2000 a month which included mine and my brother’s school fee, our food, rent, medical expenses and everything else in a household. We tried to save every single penny that we could even though my father earned enough for giving us a decent livelihood.

We lived in a constant fear of him. When I was in class 4th, he finally dropped us to my maternal house and left us with nothing. He took my mother’s jewellery, and every single thing that she owned and left us there after creating a huge drama over there. My paternal grandparents did nothing about it and didn’t help us in any way.

I couldn’t study class 5th because we didn’t have the money to pay the school fees of a normal school. Then, my maternal grandfather finally admitted me to a school in class 6th. My father came to my school and told everybody about our situation. My principal called my mother for clarification. When she told her story, the principal was very cooperative and he made sure my father doesn’t get an entry into my school afterwards. My principal asked my mother about her education and also offered a job to her as a teacher.

My mother filed a maintenance case on my father on the insistence of my maternal grandfather. It’s been ten years but my father didn’t give us a single penny. I lived at my relative’s house for three years while preparing for IITJEE and no need to say, they treated me horribly. I worked hard and cleared IITJEE in 2014. Now I am in the third year of my course and hopefully,will get a good job.

It’s been ten years since I have seen my father. Even now, during winters, my mother takes painkillers to reduce the pain of the injuries that she got. I do not remember my paternal house and people over there. I cannot even recognise my grandparents. All my life I have seen things that nobody would like to. After coming to IIT , I got to know what life actually is! I got to know that there are actual families who are happy together. But, even now, when I look at these happy families, I always cry when alone.

People always tag me as a cold and unfriendly person. But, never do they realise that there might be something behind all this. I just want to tell all of you that please know that some people do have a bitter past than most of you. You people do need to help persons like me to live. Even though I have come so far from that hell, I still carry it with me every day. But, I am trying! I am trying to lead a normal happy life. I will just need a little more time.

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