‘Prostitution’ – a word that always goes down having a negative impact in some corner of our minds. The life, the environment, the mental status of many who have experienced it remains a mystery to us.
Although, it is a taboo in most places to even discuss the brothels and what goes on in there, this girl on Quora came up with her experience of ‘The First Night’
The entanglement of thoughts and the state of mind takes you on an insightful journey.

My very first time with a client was at the 5 star Gentlemen’s Club where I started my sex work career. The owners and staff were sublime in how they looked after the girls.

I was nervous. Really nervous.

The girls had told me what to do in the room, and what order to keep it simple. They did not want to leave me alone with just anyone for my first time. They asked if I minded if they chose a trusted client who was there. I said okay.

They asked the client if he was comfortable to see me and explained it was my first time.

I remember him being taller than me. He had a beard and a potbelly. He was well dressed and polite.

He booked me for an hour.

A girl came in and showed me how to do a health check. I had already read the STI booklet.

Once the client was showered and I had made the bed, I started giving him a back massage. I was comfortable with that because I had done massage before.

It’s funny, although I knew how to be with someone, I felt like a virgin. I felt awkward. a bit embarrassed and unsure. He let me pace it. I feel like I was mechanical as I was more concerned with checking the list off on what I needed to do then just enjoying it.

I do have one strong memory of sitting on top while we were having sex thinking ‘Well, this isn’t so bad’. I think I relaxed a bit and I felt at ease.

I don’t remember how it finished but I remember massaging his back again at the end because I didn’t know what else to do. I think I probably massaged him for most of that hour.

He was sweet and had checked that I was ok during the session. Once we finished and were dressed he went back out to the bar/lounge.

The girls made sure I was okay and that he was a gentleman. It almost felt like an initiation. And I can see why. Until you actually do it that first time, you don’t really know if you can do it.

As I think back, I feel blessed I live somewhere, where brothels are allowed so that support and protection can be given to someone new. I felt safe when I was in that room because I knew the people outside were watching out for me. I felt safe when I came out because I knew whether I did or didn’t want to continue after experiencing prostitution for the first time, the girls would be supportive. Having those people near made a huge difference.

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Source Writer : Talya De Fay