We watch or hear about mind-blowing records being set and broken by cricketers everyday. But how many of us know about the mind-blowing struggles before they set foot on a cricket field, or hell, before they could earn a pair of spikes? Below are some facts about the struggles of our Indian cricketers that will simply blow your mind away.

  1. R Vinay Kumar : Davangere Express

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The man who led the Karnataka Ranji team to two consecutive victories in the 2013–14 and 2014–15 seasons is none other than Ranganath Vinay Kumar, whose father was an auto driver. His family had very humble beginnings and he had to go through a lot of struggles to reach the position he enjoys today. Today, he has the highest number of Ranji Trophy scalps for an active cricketer. Last but not the least, his father no more drives an auto but gladly sits back with pride as his son boards a flight for another tour.

2. Ravindra Jadeja : The Jamnagar Lion

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Ravindra Jadeja, who is now an integral part of the Indian squad no matter what the format, had a tough journey to get to where he is. His father was a security guard at a shipping complex and financial difficulties made life tough for the family.Tragedy struck Jadeja at the age of 17 when his mother passed away in an accident. Grief-stricken, the all-rounder almost gave up playing cricket, but it was his mother’s dream to see him play for the Indian national team. Jadeja’s need to fulfill her last wishes, along with the support of his sister helped him bounce back to cricket. He worked hard to secure a place in the Under-19 World Cup team and eventually, the national team.

3. Umesh Yadav : Vidarbha Hurricane

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Umesh Yadav, one of India’s fastest bowlers at the moment, is the first player from the Vidarbha Ranji team to ever have made it to the Indian test squad. However, he has had more than his share of struggles before making it to the Indian test team. His father was a coal miner who somehow provided his family with two square meals per day with great difficulty. Umesh discontinued studies after Class 12 and narrowly missed becoming a police constable. It was not until he joined the Vidarbha Gymkhana when he was 20 that his fantabulous run started.

4. Mohammed Shami : Nawab of Kolkata

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Shami grew up in the Sahaspur village in UP. His father and brothers were fast bowlers too. In a village where there were no facilities for sports, playing for the country seemed like a distant dream. However, the family managed to save enough money to send Shami to Kolkata and it was here that a career in cricket began for him. Perhaps, dreams sometimes do need family support to come true.

5. Munaf Patel : Lagaan

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Munaf Patel’s family was so poor that his father used to work on someone else’s farm. Being a lone earning hand in the family, Munaf was many times told by family to start working and start supporting his father and family. However, he followed his passion and fulfilled his dream of representing the Indian national cricket team.

6. The Pathan Bros.

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The two brothers came from a family that suffered from poverty. Their father, who served as the muezzin at the local mosque, was determined to make his two sons Islamic scholars. However, the Pathan brothers turned to cricket instead. It is said that the two brother dream to be cricketers was a topic of ridicule among some of the people in the mosque, where their father worked. Influenced by the gossip, the father further tried pushing his sons away from cricket. Beating all the odds, the brothers went on to pursue cricket and eventually represented the Indian team.

7. M.S Dhoni- Name is enough

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I am sure all of you know about the magnitude of the difficulties he had to face to be what he is today. So I will stop right here.

A huge respect to all of you cricketers!!! You are all true heroes!!!

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Source Writer: Rahul Motipalle