We all have secrets, some dark, some exposed, some well kept. But have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to love someone who resides in the same building as yours and be in a relationship with them and yet keep it a secret? Boss this requires real skill and perfection. But here is how Nikhil has had a strong relationship with his “girl next door”. We wish them all the success! ūüôā


Well, I am in a relationship with my neighbour (literally the girl next door!) for the past 6 years.

I stay on the 5th floor and her on 4th, right under our flat. All these years we’ve made sure that nobody in our apartment ( especially the bitchy ladies who need real life masala (spice) after finishing their daily soap nonsense quota on television) knows about us.

So how to meet?

She deliberately pulls out a wire or two from her computer and calls me to fix it. Her parents are still clueless as to why this computer is giving so many problems. ( the computer is in her bedroom :p)

Both being electronics engineers and I being a senior, she takes her textbooks and comes to my place to clear her (senseless) doubts.

When any cultural program is organised in the society we are far apart yet there is an exchange of winks.

To go outside together, she starts 5 mins before and waits at the nearest traffic signal. I pick her up and we are off together ( consider me lucky because¬†she is ready before I am!!). Same thing while returning back ( if it’s too late then we come back together because¬†her safety is my prime responsibility).

The Sad part, we run out of reasons a lot of times. And being near each other is also difficult in times of need.

But yeah, till now we’ve been successful. We enjoy being this way because¬†it’s thrilling to do things and let others keep guessing!!

PS : My parents still couldn’t figure out why the Photographer clicked so many pictures of her in my sister’s wedding last year!!

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Content Writer: Nikhil Madhekar

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