It is not always that you create stories which become a turning point in your life in some way. Not always do you experience coincidences just like the one’s you see in the movies. Not always does your life look like a fictional novel where in fact every bit of it is true!

If all of these are clubbed, then that is what makes this story a box-office hit!

I lost my virginity to my TA in university during office hours while other students were lining up to see him in the hallway.

The honours politics class I was in had a very large and very complicated paper/”undergrad dissertation” due at the end of the semester. Unlike many of my fellow colleagues, I decided to get a head start. I consistently went to my TA’s office hours and talked to him after lectures to get the most out of his knowledge. I was in 3rd year, and he was a Masters student. This was all very innocent stuff, to begin with. Neither of us was attracted to each other. Eventually, I guess he admired my efforts to do well in the class and even agreed to meet up outside of office hours (on the campus of course) whenever I needed help. We were never really “friends” but we got along well and talked a lot about other things, not just academics.

The last week before the paper was due, I went to his office hours to see him again. At this point, I had already finished the paper but I wanted him to just scan my introductory paragraph again. That part took about 5 minutes, we talked about politics in general after that. There wasn’t anyone else waiting to see him at that time so we took our sweet time to just talk about things and what he was planning on doing after grad school, my future plans etc. For whatever reason, there was a sudden compulsion to… well…it doesn’t really matter who kissed who first now. Before long, I was sitting on his lap with him pumping his gun into me. (Not gonna lie: It felt so wrong but felt so good). It was also extremely weird because we were still talking about politics amid all the moaning. We could hear other students starting to line up in the hallway to see him. Don’t think he cared at all but kept on going with me. (Not gonna lie: It was kinda exciting trying to stay quiet).

Eventually, I guess a student got impatient and started knocking on the door. He finished off; and after, I scrambled to gather my things while he rushed to push the desk back in place. I got up to leave, opened the door and said “Thanks for all the help.” He nodded and said “No problem.” I left, and other student went in to have him check over their paper.

I hope nobody noticed that my entire shirt was completely unbuttoned, or his flushed face and sweat.


Part 2:

Years later I went to study abroad for my PhD. Fascinating how small the world is — found out we were in the same class and program on the first day. Needless to say, we screwed like rabbits after that. It was never really the same, though.

Part 3:

Fast forward a few more years, we eventually started going out and actually got married. We now have 2 kids and a 3rd one is on the way.

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