“Blood Relations” are the most valued and treasured relations in our life. They form an integral part and take over any other relation which builds up later. If the same happens with you, you are fortunate enough. Consider yourself blessed, because as you read on you will be bewildered with the horror her own people have caused her. An unfortunate soul she is!


I’m marrying a woman;

  1. Who was physically and emotionally abused by her parents and two elder sisters
  2. Who was molested by her brother-in-law and when she told her parents, they asked her to not to say anything about it. They, however, keep them apart ever since.
  3. She went abroad for a scholarship while we were friends during graduation. She was dating someone and she never told me about him. He got her pregnant and she had to undergo a very uncomfortable abortion. When she returned the guy called it off because he couldn’t do long distance relationship.
  4. Her parents got her married forcefully while I was pursuing post-graduation. She got divorced 1 year later.
  5. After her divorce, she fell into severe depression. Her nervous system was deteriorating because of her severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks.
  6. Her parents forced her to work and earn money ignoring her weak mental condition.
  7. She’s an extremely fragile and emotional person. She is gorgeous and stylish. Too many men flirt with her, but she turns them down politely. She dresses appropriately.
  8. She jumped into a blazing building to save 3 adults whom she never knew. She rescues snakes. She fought off men beating a woman.
  9. She speaks 5 international languages fluently. An excellent orator. A gold medalist lawyer.
  10. She writes amazing poems about love, society, and humour.

I love her. I lost a lot of myself in the journey, but it was all worth it.

I helped her out of her depression, anxiety, nervousness completely.

My parents don’t know any of the above, because if they did they would never give their blessings for our marriage.

But I’m proud of myself. And more than that I believe in her and love her to eternity.

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