When you travel, you sometimes might get lucky. A beautiful lady or a handsome man may be sitting beside you. And in no time, you two may just indulge into a conversation which could ring bells in your head.

But then an opportunity to ask them out sometimes may fail due to an unintended blunder you make.

The feeling of something slipping through your hands when you could have actually held it tight is the worst!

Don’t bang your head in regret just yet…Read On to save yourself from further repentance!

Man on the airport - Post 1

Mumbai Airport, Jet Airways ticket counter:

She: Do you have any specific seat preference, sir?

Me(lightly): A seat beside a cute girl would be great.

She(smiling): Sure, you can take that chair and sit beside me.

Slightly taken aback by that unexpected response.

Me: Not now, but maybe some other time. You can give me your number and I would definitely call you next time I’m in the city.

She: That’s private.

Me(delivering my well-rehearsed dialogue): Ultimate privacy is a myth. God sees everything. The cloud records everything. NSA files everything. So, live transparently and don’t waste useless energy hiding yourself.

She(placing the ticket on the counter): Here’s your ticket, sir. If it’s meant to be, we’ll meet again. Till then have a nice journey.

Me(with a wide smile): Thank you.

Later in the flight, while I was reading a novel, my attention diverted towards something scribbled at the back of my ticket which I was using as a bookmark. To my horror I saw this:

A half written name and mobile number with a smiley. One of the security staff must have torn and kept the other half. I re-winded that conversation and cursed myself a million times for not paying attention.

Now, every time I travel through Mumbai I just glance through the Jet Airways counter once, just in case….

Source: http://qr.ae/1Syzgd

Source Author: Adarsh Kumar

Image Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/Travel/leadAssets/30/09/US-Security-_app_3009360a-large.jpg