“ART” has varied forms. We always wonder what exactly it is in an artist that makes them bring out the unbelievable’s in front of us. The spectacular works of art are well taken by people like us and thoroughly appreciated for soothing our eyes with the marvellous displays.

We have no idea what a huge amount of talent lays hidden in so many amongst us. I believe there are a lot of unsung heroes out there who deserve a huge round of applause for the creativity they bring forth. We found one such perplexing artist today: P.kalita

Take a look at his astonishing sketches and treat your eyes. He has beautifully described each of his works below.

1. This is one of my old drawings when I was trying to learn to shade the skin tone.

2. This one is my most recent work

3. This one is one of my personal favorite

4. This one took almost 50+ working hours but I am satisfied with the outcome. (I used ink for the red part on the cards. )

5. This is a stage-wise development of my recent sketch_ Walter white form breaking bad.

6. And this is my all time favorite_ a pair of deep eyes.

7. This is one of my old works _Jessica Alba

8. The ticking watch.

9. Rose and Jack from Titanic.

10. Audrey Tautou from the movie Priceless

11. She smiles through her eyes

12. The Man behind the camera

13. The messed up bun!

14. I used watercolor pencils for this one.

15. Dancing Deepika, one of my favourite works.

And finally, it’s me, behind the scenes.

Wasn’t that breathtaking?



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Content Author: Pragyan Kranti