Got an introvert best friend ?? You’re bound to face these kinda troubles. You might wonder if they even exist in the world you live in. You are sure to undergo a ride full of experiences and innovations when you are around these introverted species .

So, Hello Introverts, you have been charged under these Negative traits! Take a look!

  • You wanna get out there, travel , meet new people and go for a long ride with them. They just wanna sleep for few extra hours, watch some sitcoms or grab a cup of coffee with a book in hand. -_-
  • You’re travelling with them( how did this even happen?) and you tag along with a group of cool strangers. You’re introvert best friend is busy finding ways to move away from them. -_- . They hate it when there are too many people around.
  • Sometimes when you tell them a sensitive thing, they don’t react at all. Lack of emotions you think?. In reality, they feel it deep in their heart.
  • You take them to a famous pilgrim spot where there are lakhs of people. They don’t talk about the place, they’re busy planning their way out and to home in peace.
  • You love outdoors, they love indoors.
  • You’re in a relationship, you want your introvert best friend to find a girl/boy as well. This ain’t gonna happen at all because they don’t try. Not even a bit. -_-. You introduce them to new people, they say hi and later then don’t give a damn.
  • You wanna watch Suicide Squad with hundreds of people whistling and cheering when Will smith shoots down all those morons, your best friend loves torrent because he’s too lazy.
  • You open up with them even without them asking, they don’t open up that easily until you beg them. -_-
  • Even when they open up, they’ll talk like they are puzzle creators without telling the whole story. You gotta pump up your neurones to make out what they’re trying to say. Philosophy and shit is an everyday struggle with them.
  • Treat ? Party ?? You gotta go alone without your best friend. He’s probably busy watching GOT without moving his ass from the bean bag.

…and much more.

Sometimes you feel like punching them in their perfect teeth, coz you feel you can’t keep dragging them everywhere, but most of the times you’ll feel lucky to have an introvert best friend. Every coin has two sides, but for an introvert, one side of the coin shines brighter and that’s the positive side.

When you dig for gold in them, all you’ll find is a big piece of diamond.

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Content Writer: Abhishek Tr