When you visit a foreign land and know the foreign language is when you have a really good time… You can sure converse with people but to add a cherry on the cake, you can pretend that you don’t know the language and hear all the secrets as they talk 😉

Multi linguist - Dinner - Post 10

Yes. During my honeymoon, in one of my languages.

My husband and I were looking forward to trying the Japanese restaurant in our resort in Antigua.

For our disgrace, we get seated with 3 loud couples who have met each other in the days before.

They are all Italians.

I am Italian, but look more Brazilian, and speak only English with my husband, who is Australian.

We are not even one minute into the dinner and they start saying we look like “dead people” because we are not loud like them.

I translate everything to my husband in front of them. They don’t get it. I let it go.

Then they keep saying it and I let it go.

They even wonder how funny would it be if we could understand them. I let it go.

Eventually, they become rude to the waiters and chef and make fun of them. I cannot hold it anymore.

One of them invites the others for cheer with their glasses, looks at me, I join the cheers and say in perfect Italian Cin cin a voi ragazzi (cheers to you guys) with my most Milanese accent.

Their face turns white and they stop talking. The first time ever since the dinner.

They can hardly look at us. So I excuse us from the table and wish them in Italian a happy continuation of their night.

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