People determine their success on various factors. Some on the position achieved, some on the money in their banks while some may even count it by the number of affairs!

But these set of people truly understand what success really intends! Read on, to know some more beautiful traits they possess!


  • The only country which measures its growth by happiness
  • There are no beggars or homeless people
  • The only Carbon Negative country in the world
  • Plastic bags are banned for ecological reasons
  • They don’t care about TV, radio, or the internet – simple living
  • 50% of the country is protected as a national park
  • The gap between normal people and royalty isn’t that far
  • They have less pollution
  • To maintain at least sixty percent of the land area under forest cover in its constitution
  • Bhutan is world’s first wholly organic nation
  • And there is not a single traffic light post in the entire country .
  • The people of Bhutan celebrate the birth of the king and queen’s first son by planting 108,000 trees across the nation
  • One more thing I would like to add here that Bhutan doesn’t kill any animal (not even a mosquito). Not a single.






  • The king of Bhutan is so modest that he himself sits to chop the onions and stuff while serving food to the underprivileged. Adding a photo regarding the same!

Here’s the Ted Talk of Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay. It is worth watching.

Tobacco is illegal. The consumption of tobacco is not altogether prohibited, though it is largely banned in places of public accommodation.

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Source Author: Manaswini Naramsetty

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