We all know how much Gunther liked Rachel .Same goes for David for Phoebe .But there is some reality behind these fictional characters that bite the writer .Read on to know what he is trying to pass on .

Have you ever felt for Gunther and David? For me, they represent the sad reality of real life—in the end, not everyone gets who he/she loves. So one of the emotional moments from friends apart from when Monica and Chandler know they can’t have a baby and when Ross and Rachel reunite, are the following:

1. After 10 years, when Gunther finally tells Rachel about his feeling and she politely declines. It was emotional because he had given 10 years doing all the shit he could do for her, even bought her ugly cat or whatever it was.

2. Somewhat similar happened with David .He had left almost everything for Phoebe. He kept coming back for her and was totally committed and sincere about their relationship. He even left his country and everything. But in the end, he gets rejected by her for Mike who was not sure if he wanted to marry her.

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