.. And then there is a point in your life when you have learnt all the slangs and are totally aware of the abusive words people keep throwing. You consider yourself a grown-up. But then out of the blue, you find your younger sibling questioning you about one of “these” super abusive words and then the following happens 😛

This incident happened around 8-9 years ago.

Summer Morning

My brother and I were getting ready for school.

Me – Styling my hair

Mom and other family members (yes, we are living in joint family) – Reading Newspaper

Him – Mom I don’t want to go to school

Mom – What…? Why..?

Him – Other students in my auto always fighting with me.

Mom – So you have to complain to your teacher against them. Not going to school is not the solution.

Him – No.. I want to beat ‘X’ (let’s call him X, his so-called enemy :p )

Mom- Why ? Are you a DON ?

Him – No. But he is the worst among all other students in auto. He used to spill water onto me and my other mates. Also, he irritates the hell out of me. “Mai uske daant tod dunga kisi din..( Someday I’ll break his teeth )

Mom – No you will never do such a thing. Promise me.?

Him – “Innocent face” okay Mom :-/

Him – Okay mom tell me one thing, please. What is the meaning of “Behen***d” ? X says this word to everyone.

Mom – “Little confused”.. I don’t know.

(I’m sure she didn’t understand the meaning of that word :-p )

Me with 8 other family members – (Stunned). I was rushing towards my room .. Hiding my face. Laughing out extremely hard :p

Papa – (with Embarrassed facial expression)… :p and was like.

Thank you all

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Source Writer: Anirudh Bhukhmaria