This scene always bring smile on my face.Remember when Chandler has to lie to Janice that he has been transferred to Yemen.But we all know what happened next… Here is today’s scene of the day that will surely make you laugh.Enjoy 🙂

[Scene: The airport, the Yemen Express counter, Chandler is still trying to get rid of Janice.]
Chandler: Y’know you, really didn’t have to take me to the airport.
Janice: Oh please. Every moment is precious. Y’know? Besides, somebody had to ride in that other taxi with the rest of your luggage, and your friends don’t really seem to care too much that you’re leaving.
Chandler: Well, we’re really not that close. (Pause) Okay, so I guess this is uh, good-bye then.
Janice: On no! No! It’s not good-bye, I’m not leaving until you get on that plane.
Chandler: Okay. Then I guess it’s just, wait here then. (Hands her the sign that says, Wait Here.”) (To the ticket agent) Hi. I need one fake ticket to Yemen.
Ticket Counter Attendant: One ticket to Yemen?
Chandler: Oh no-no-no, no. No, no, no, I just, I just need a pretend ticket.
Ticket Counter Attendant: I’m sorry sir, I don’t understand.
Chandler: What would you give to a kid if he wanted a ticket to play with?
Ticket Counter Attendant: Are you travelling with a child?
Chandler: No. All right, y’know what, she’s (Points to Janice) gonna think that I’m handing you a credit card, but what I’m really gonna do is hand you a library card.
Ticket Counter Attendant: Ah, sir a ticket to Yemen is $2,100 and we don’t take library cards.
Janice: What’s the matter? Is something wrong? Do you have to stay?
Chandler: (to the ticket agent) American Express?