.. And one fine day, out of the blue people want to shower upon you cash and goodies and all the pleasures one can be blessed with. And to add a cherry on the cake, they are doing it selflessly!

These species are a rare find !!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Portrait of a very happy young man in a rain of money; Shutterstock ID 148789697; PO: lottery-winner-money-stock-today-tease-160108; Client: TODAY Digital

I got a call from an unknown American number a few months back. A lady greeted me and said my number won 10 crores Indian Rupees.

I knew very well about these guys, but I decided to act innocent.

I shouted and said her I wanted few seconds to soak it in. She obliged.

After few seconds, I said I’ll be indebted to her forever. She seemed very happy and told me I’ve to follow few instructions in order to get the money.

I said I’ll do anything.

She gave me an account number and told me to transfer 2000 Indian Rupees as a charge for the transaction of 10 crores.

I said – ‘Mam, Deduct 2000 INR from that 10 crores and transfer the remaining amount

She disconnected the call without uttering a word.

I trolled the troller!


Source: http://qr.ae/8mw4po

Source Writer: Hari Sriram

Image Source: http://scam-detector.com