The genuine attempt of reducing the gap and bringing people closer has failed miserably due to the advent of technology and socialising! People are unable to converse face to face, but can certainly on Facebook!

In the quench for automation and socialisation, Man lost his Self which ultimately became ‘Self”ie!

Slap?not just slap, I wanted to plunge a fork through his carotid arteries.

During my morning shift, a patient who underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery(CABG) – due to his existing critical condition, he had an Ejection Fraction(it is the fractional amount of blood pumped out of the heart during each heartbeat)0f 35% and was in a bad state.

Around 11.30 am, he started bleeding profusely and ended up with a drop in his blood pressure and went under hypovolemic shock, in spite of all the measures taken to stabilise him.His family members were called immediately from the CCU waiting hall, the son comes over. Doctor explains the situation and asks him to wait in front of the in-patient pharmacy.

The ward stock of Adrenaline (used to improve the blood pressure) ran out and I had to rush out to the pharmacy in order to get it. The ever loving son comes over to me.

Son- Sister, did you say it was a hypovolemic shock ?

Me- (not wanting to answer anything, just so that he won’t panic ) Erm, yes! Your dad is going to be okay.

Son- No!No! that I know, Is the spelling correct?

(shows me his iPhone 6plus screen- Facebook status)

#dad#Apollo#Critical#Hypovolemic#Shocked with his half mouth opened selfie having the pharmacy as the background.

I just glared at him, I kept glaring at him hoping he would melt into nothing.I smiled at him pathetically and ran off, cursing myself for wasting over two minutes talking to that insensitive human.

And his father was stabilised.*applause*


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Source Author : Binitha George Mathai

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